It’s time to own the change that we experience every day!

It seems that change is our new norm as we’ve been in a period of constant change of shifting, unfamiliar, and uncomfortable ground for over 18 months. It’s been challenging on our personal and professional lives, working to maintain some sanity in this period of great uncertainty while supporting our coworkers, teams, friends, and family.

Change is the most difficult things we do as human being. It requires active engagement and that is exhausting. It’s why we see and feel so much resistance to change in all aspects of our lives. Our 2022 conference theme is ‘Game On – Power Through Change Like a Boss’.  Learning to navigate a constantly shifting landscape with grace and curiosity, while bringing your team and coworkers along with you is a skill that must be constantly honed. The reality is that nobody knows what the future holds or how things are going to work out and that is terrifying for most people. Spark 2022 will provide the insights and tools to Power Through with confidence and inquisitiveness.

We had hoped to be back with an in-person event again for 2022, however, the future remains uncertain, and we place a high priority of everyone’s safety. This year’s event will once again be delivered virtually. Spark remains committed to providing quality professional development for the Peace region – it’s our primary goal. We are dedicated to fostering growth through empowerment and connection of community through professional development. The opportunity to learn from each other and connect with each other, as well as gain perspectives from those in different environments, is an enriching experience for everyone.

Let’s learn to “Power Through Change” together. We hope to see you at Spark 2022!

The Women Behind Spark